Sunday, September 12, 2010

Esters: Using Cromollient SCE in other products

Cromollient SCE is a great inclusion in water based products and you can use it as you would use PEG-7 olivate or other water soluble esters (click here to see those recipes - use Cromollient SCE at 3% in the recipes in place of the PEG-7 olivate). I like to use it in my toners and cooling sprays as an emollient, and I like to use it in cleansing recipes because it works as an additional, mild cleansing agent.

Two great examples of using Cromollient SCE as a cleansing agent can be found at Lotion crafter - an oil cleansing product made with olive oil and Cromollient SCE - and at the Herbarie - Fruit & Flowers Make-Up Remover (substitute the PEG-7 olivate for Cromollient) - but check to make sure your eyes don't mind the Cromollient before making up huge batches!

If you want to make dispersing bath oils, you can use Cromollient SCE at 10% as your emulsifier and an additional emollient. Here's a variation on my favourite bath oil using this ingredient. You can use any combination of oils in this recipe - these are just what I like to use!

18% avocado oil
40% sesame oil
30% olive oil
10% Cromollient SCE
2% vanilla fragrance oil

Mix the oils together, add the Cromollient SCE and fragrance oil. Pour into bottle. Rejoice!

If you are a bath bomb maker who enjoys adding oils to her fizzing treats, try including at up to 2% in your bath bombs to help emulsify the oils in your bath!

Join me tomorrow for fun with PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate or Crodamol PMP!

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