Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deodorants: If you want to make a lotion bar deodorant...

Finally, if you aren't interested in making a clear stick deodorant but want to make a lotion bar that works as a deodorant, you can make a lotion bar type product. Take a lotion bar recipe you like, and add your favourite fragrance or essential oil, and add some baking soda and/or corn starch to the mix. You can't use Tinosan in this recipe as it is not compatible with anhydrous products, so you'll have to rely upon ingredients that offer anti-bacterial properties to help with possible stenches or fragrances to help cover them up.

How much baking soda? There's really no reliable guide, but if you're going with the 1 part wax to 1 part butter to 1 part oil recipe, you could start with 1/2 part and see how you like it. You can also try this with corn starch, although I'd suggest using something like Dry Flo as it's intended to be used in products like this and the granules are smaller and easier to incorporate into an anhydrous deodorant.

As a disclaimer, I've made exactly one deodorant lotion bar and I didn't like it. The baking soda felt scratchy and it didn't help with smells, so I haven't tried it again. You'll have to work on the ratios yourself. To make them feel slightly less oily, considering adding 2% IPP or IPM to the mixture, using less greasy oils, or using esters in place of the oils. In fact, the complicated lotion bar with esters might feel quite nice in this capacity. I should try that!


Marnie said...

Lately I've been using a combo of half baking soda and half corn starch along with my favorite e/o's. It works like a charm...but a little messy.

Just before that I used the same amounts of baking soda/corn starch and added some coconut oil. The texture was more like a creme-style deodorant. It worked well too.

Both of the above mentioned combo's definitely do not have that commercial feel and they do feel gritty when you first use them. I don't notice that feeling now.

I like the idea of making it into a lotion bar style product.

Thank you for the inspiration :0)

Sara @Osmosis said...

Here is a recipe that I've enjoyed. I did try adding a little soy wax to it so I wouldn't need to keep it in the fridge:

Anonymous said...

Hello and bless you for sharing your insight into the chemistry of cosmetics!
Where did you get theses deodorant tubes? Do you recommend them? Having a tough time finding them...

Many thanks,

Tracy said...

Hi Swift, I appreciate your posts and always learn from them. I was wondering what your thought are in using Zinc Ricinoleate in a deodorant bar? I am currently using one almost identical to the recommendations you give but find that toward the end of the evening it looses its lasting power. I'm closing in on 50 so I think I am in the first stages of menopause which H's my hormonal balance all over the place. Any information you can pass on would be greatly appreciated!

Tracy Carlin said...

I forgot to mention that I currently add Saccharomyces Ferment at 3% of my formula. Thank you!

Ashlee Aiello said...

Hi Susan,

I have no experience making cosmetics, but I would like to start with a homemade deodorant. Your lotion bar style deodorant sounds like something I would like to start with. I want to try incorporating arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda, and salicylic acid powder to the complicated lotion bar with esters. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should start for adjusted ratios?