Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update to the Links to Lists section

If you look under the section entitled "Links to Lists", you'll see there's a change - I've updated the oils & butters section to be emollients - oils, butters & esters to include links to the posts I've been writing on esters. (I'm only allowed 10 pages, so I have to use them sparingly!)

If you don't know about that section of the blog, I'd suggest taking a few minutes to see what's in it! If you're looking for information on a certain surfactants, check under surfactants to see if I've done a post on it. If you're looking for information on hair care recipes, clicking on hair care will bring up all the recipes I've written on shampoo and conditioners and all the ingredients that go into those products along with the chemistry of the products. If you're interested in botanical ingredients, check out what's behind the extracts title! And if you're interested in learning more about formulating for your skin type or wonder what fatty acids you'll find in your sebum, check out the skin chemistry link.

And finally, if you'd like to learn more about the youth groups my husband and I offer at the library and how to donate to them, click on the information about our youth groups (and how to donate) link.

I will be updating this section periodically with new posts and even new groups - I have to get the links to lotion making information and anhydrous products updated, but both sections are so huge - so keep watching that section of the blog!


Meaue said...

Thanks for making this easy for us! I'm one who was not aware of the blog search in the left corner :)! Now the organization is even maybe I can find thing on my own without asking stupid questions... LOL!! Thanks Susan!

Topcat said...

Thank you for all the information you provide Susan - I really appreciate it :)