Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're back (well, yesterday)!

Well, that was a great camping trip! (I don't have many photos as Cameron took most of them, so here's one of our site with Wanda and Raymond making breakfast!) We left on Sunday, arrived Sunday night around 6:00 or so, and the fun began. We spent Monday swimming, then went into Spokane on Tuesday where Wanda and I enjoyed a shopping spree at Rings & Things. Wednesday was a lazy day of playing Dungeons & Dragons (I did mention I was a geek, right?) and Thursday was a fun shopping day in the Seattle area.

Our air mattress sprung a leak on Tuesday night, so we had to make a run into Moses Lake at 11:00 to the local Wal-Mart, but otherwise all went very well. 

If you're looking for a great camping site with friendly rangers, great site prices (about $14 per night for tents), close to local towns (13 miles to either Moses Lake or Othello), and a great swimming lake, then Potholes State Park in Washington state is a great choice. The sky was full of stars every night, although the full moon the first night made star gazing a little more difficult - but it was seriously beautiful!

We couldn't resist getting this canister of Organic Pancake Batter. It's spray batter! It was pretty tasty, but does the world really need more things in spray cans? 

One down side to this park, though. It's very noisy with nature. We were surrounded by deer, coyotes, jack rabbits, birds of all sorts, frogs, and bugs, all obsessed with communicating with each other constantly and loudly! The coyotes are awesome, but a little scary when you're hiking up the tiny hill to the bathroom by yourself, and the birds that sound like someone screaming are a little freaky, but infinitely preferably to the sounds of Mercedes, the very loud teenager in the next campsite asking her friend which song has the lyrics "Sleep with one eye open" at just after midnight (it's "Enter Sandman", now go to bed, young lady! I know. I'm getting old!). The mosquitoes were ravenous little beasts - we bought 40% DEET spray and it wasn't enough to keep them away - and definitely bring a ton of sunscreen. I applied before and after swimming and still burned my very white shoulders.

Well, that was fun! I'm not ready for real life to return, so I'm spending today catching up on our TV shows, eating some of the treats we brought home from the States, and tending to my bites and sunburn. Perhaps I'll do a little laundry - everything kinda smells like a campfire - and have a snuggle with my dog! We missed Blondie so much, but there's no way we could have her in the tent. She would have responded to every single noise with her own barking - shut up coyotes, bark bark, my people are trying to sleep!

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Kristen said...

Wow. Spray pancake batter.
Organic no less.
I am going to process that for a while.
In the meantime, I see your flesh munching mosquitos and raise you six clouds of no-seeums and two horseflies (just moved to Yellowknife). But I loved camping that area! Glad you had a great time (even made time for shopping-you rock).
Love this blog.