Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conditioners: Modifying the leave-in conditioner with Incroquat CR.

Okay, so we've seen how we can include BTMS-50 and cetrimonium bromide, so why not make a leave in conditioner with Incroquat CR? We'll be getting more into using Incroquat CR alone in a detangling product shortly, but we can include it in our leave-in conditioners to add more anti-static and softening properties.

As with any conditioning agent, we don't want to use too much in a leave-in product, so we'll keep it at 1% to 2%, depending upon your hair type. We can add it in the heated phase to any other leave in conditioner. This is a great inclusion if you don't have cetrimonium chloride - it offers detangling and softening like cetac - but you can add it to any product including cetrimonium chloride as well.

78% to 78.5% water
2% Incroquat BTMS
4% glycerin
1% aloe vera
2% hydrolyzed oat protein
1% Incroquat CR

2% polyquat 7 or honeyquat
2% cetrimonium chloride
2% hydrolyzed protein
2% panthenol
2% cyclomethicone
2% dimethicone
1% fragrance oil
0.5% to 1% preservative (I use liquid germall plus)

Use the general or alternate instructions for making conditioner.

Wow, that was easy! This conditioner now has pretty much every type of conditioning agent we can include, so it might be too conditioning for some hair types, like our fine haired friends.

As I'm a frizzy haired girl, I generally take the cationic polymers and humectants out in the summer time as it can get pretty humid around here and I turn into Swift, the girl who thought the 80s never ended. But I need the anti-static properties that the cationic polymers offer, so what to do? Up the Incroquat CR!

84.5% water
2% Incroquat CR
2% hydrolyzed oat protein

2% cetrimonium chloride
2% dimethicone (1000 cs for my frizzy hair)
2% cyclomethicone
2% panthenol
1% fragrance oil
0.5% liquid Germall Plus

Join me tomorrow to include some lovely hydrosols and extracts in your leave-in conditioners!


Anonymous said...

awwww sweet Susan luv ya

I've just made my version of a leave in conditioner... a different recipe to yours... but based on so many things I've learned from you... I feel so rewarded every time I look at it lol ... so thanks a lot.. A LLOOTT


Brandi Yates said...

My family loves your "Swifts Favorite Leave In Conditioner for the Summer".

Here is my moms review: "My hair is thick, course and frizzy. I have been using this product for 3 days and my hair is completely frizz free. I use it along with my other hair products and I feel like I have finally found something that really works. LOVE"

My sister's review: My hair is waist length and gets oily quickly. I only had to use about a nickle size of the product for all of my hair. It worked wonderfully and smells great. Today my hair isn't oily from being weighed down with conditioner and still smells wonderful. From now on this is the only conditioner I will ever use!

My review: Love it. I just wish the incroquat cr was available on more sites than just the herbarie. They have a minimum so it is difficult to buy and I need more already.

Brandi Yates said...

Susan, do you use a spray bottle or pump? I have tried both and the spray gets clogged. Its a shame I can buy a $1 bottle of conditioner at the store with a better sprayer than I can buy an empty sprayer.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Brandi! Thanks for the review! I use a mister from Voyageur Soap & Candle that works great, like this one. I love these. I found the other misters worked okay, but these ones are just awesome!

charmscribe said...

I've been making lots of conditioners from the recipes on this blog for the last eight months trying to hydrate my "dry" hair. My hair has been softer and more manageable than ever, but it's been frizzy and I accepted it. But re-reading the posts on African type hair I had an "aha" moment. I used this recipe as a leave-in conditioner, although I don't yet have Incroquat CR. The results are fabulous for my hair! Before, I noticed that an individual strand of hair had no definite curl pattern- just random kinks, loops and straight sections. This must have been because my hair was absorbing water and drying out unevenly along the strand. Now, with less humectants my hair is lying together in coils and locks of curls. There is curl definition and a beautiful curl pattern. I'm excited to modify more recipes to have less humectants and more oils for my hair type.


Gabriel said...

Hey Susan,
I have been looking over your blog for a long time, but have yet to make the jump into making any of the products. It's a large initial investment and I have trouble convincing my wife that it would be worth the money/time commitment.
However, I think that she (and I) would love this recipe, and I have an unorthodox question for you. Do you sell these products, or are you comfortable with me asking fellow commenters to sell me some of their product?
Sorry if this is against your policies or something to that regard, I tried to look all over and couldn't find anything on the subject in your old posts.

Thank you for your time, and keep up the awesome work!

Best wishes,

GillyCreamy said...


Can anyone tell me where I can buy Incroquat CR and cetrimonium chloride in the UK?

Many thanks

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi GillyCreamy! Visit the FAQ and check out the lists of suppliers near you. I'm sure you're bound to find something there. (Having said that, I think CR is hard to find. Just leave it out of this recipe and see what you think.)

GillyCreamy said...

Thanks Susan, I'll try that. Gilly