Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's day is almost here!

If you're in North America, you know Mother's Day is this Sunday! I love holidays like this. Much like birthdays, it's a chance to celebrate someone you love by offering up presents and good food and spend a little time together. So what are you making for your mom or maternal figure this week?

My mom loves bubble bath - scented either with lavender & rosemary or black amber lavender - so she'll be getting some of that. And I'll be making her some intense conditioner with coconut oil as well. I have to get making some shampoo bars (using SCI with stearic) - she's started using these recently and likes them - and a nice foot scrub bar. Oh, I can't forget the foot lotion; she ran out just this week!

Here are a few ideas for gifts your mom might like!

Melt & pour soap - we made this on the weekend at the Yarrow craft group and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. You can fancy it up with nice packaging (I love this soap box pattern!) or put it in a cellophane bag with a bag topper celebrating mom's special day! Throw in some lovely bath salts and you've got yourself a great present!

A foot care kit - some minty foot salts, a foot scrub bar, and foot lotion! You can even make some minty foot tub bath bombs with peppermint or spearmint in tiny sizes!

What about a nice facial cleanser, moisturizer or serum, and toner kit? Make it with some decadent oils to treat your mom! Or a lovely moisturizing kit with a sugar scrub and a decadent whipped butter?

And don't forget a lovely card or box - here are some links for some great make-your-own packaging ideas!

Jersgirl's computer craft & rubber stamp templates. The gable box is adorable, and there are so many card and tag ideas! This is a must bookmark site! You can find this soap box pattern on this site (or from the link above).

Mirkwood designs. Loads of card and box templates.

Pattiwack designs has some great box ideas!

Some great packaging ideas from Essential Packaging's blog.

Show your mom some love (or a mom whom you love but isn't necessarily your mom!) this Mother's day!


Ambra said...

I love reading your blog. I can't easily get hold of most of the ingredients you speak of, but I love the detail you go into. And you sound so no-nonsense. Thanks!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the kind words. Where are you located? If you're in North America, you can get most of the ingredients from the links I have on the site in various places. If you're in Australia, for instance, I know there are a few suppliers for the ingredients, but you need to know the INCI. As for Europe, I have heard of some good suppliers!

I hope I'm no nonsense! I always say I gain confidence from my successes, but I learn from my mistakes. I hope if I'm wrong, people will point it out so I can correct it!