Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surfactants: Amide ether sulfates

Amide ether sulfates result from the sulfation of ethoxylated amide and can be combined with sodium, magnesium, or ammonium to produce something like ammonium lauryl ether sulfide or magnesium PEG-3 cocamide sulfate. They have good skin compatibility and they are very mild cleansers to the point where they don't remove a lot of the lipids on your skin. Ones based on magnesium foam very well.

These are great surfactants for dry to very dry skin as they cleanse without removing a ton of oils. These are not suitable for people with very oily skin or hair. The down side of amide ether sulfates is this...I can't find a place to get them. I've looked in all my usual places and no one carries them!

You might see sodium lauryl ether sulfate (referred to as SLES - SLeS refers to sodium laureth sulfate, an alkyl ether sulfate) available at a supplier.

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