Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Periodic tables of awesomeness!

You know I'm a chemistry fan - hey, I married a man named Nichols so I could be Susan Ni2 - so here are a few most excellent periodic tables for your amusement...

The periodic table of awesomements! It's so awesome, it should have its own place on the periodic table of awesomements...which gets into a whole weird TV inside a TV kinda of thing and my head already hurts...

Periodic table on an elephant (representing elephantium)?

I need this periodic table table in my backyard!

For the more artistic reader, the periodic table printmaking project.

Non-chemistry related periodic tables (check out the Canadian one! Rush finally takes its rightful place on the periodic table!)

And the epitome of periodic tables - the periodic table of periodic tables! You will be here for hours!

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Susan said...

Awesome. I have a periodic table obsession too!