Saturday, March 6, 2010

Formulating with extracts - recipe round up!

I thought I'd put together a summary of all the recipes I've written up that include extracts. Before you go throwing around all these lovely powders, please read the post on combining extracts! (There are many other recipes on this blog that contain extracts that weren't part of the extract series of posts...please do a search to find them as I simply don't have time to list them all!)

Finishing powder with green tea extract (January 27). This would be really nice with anti-inflammatory extracts like chamomile or white willow bark.

Shaving lotion with green tea extract (January 28). This would be lovely with chamomile for soothing or white willow bark for reduction of redness.

Lotion bar with green tea butter, intense conditioner with camellia oil, and conditioner bar with green tea butter and camellia oil (January 29).

Shampoo & conditioner with rosemary extract (February 4). For oily hair, grapeseed, cucumber, and rosemary are great choices. For dry hair, consider using green tea extract. For dandruff prone hair, white willow bark is simply awesome. And for normal hair - well, you people can use anything you like!

Anhydrous products with rosemary extract (February 5th). For these products, you'll need something oil based - like an essential oil or pressed oil (like camellia oil). Choose the ones you love for your skin type!

Basic lotion with rosemary extract (February 6th). Choose the extract right for your skin type and include it in here. You can add essential oils or hydrosols for extra extract-y goodness!

Rosemary & green tea toner (February 7th). Choose the extract right for your skin type. There isn't an extract that wouldn't work well with this recipe. Just make sure you aren't combining the exfoliating ones together. For acne prone skin, I like to use white willow bark (anti-inflammatory), chamomile or honeysuckle. For oily skin, grapeseed or cucumber work well. For dry skin, liquorice or chamomile might be a good choice.

After shave spray with cucumber extract (February 9). White willow bark would be an amazing inclusion in this recipe, as would chamomile or green tea extract. In fact, the only ones I'd stay away from would be papaya (too exfoliating) and maybe horsetail. Oh, and comfrey. It doesn't play well with cuts and nicks!

Dry skin body lotion with chamomile (February 11). Any extract would work well here - choose your skin type!

Shaving lotion with chamomile, rosemary, and honeysuckle extracts (February 13).

Body butter for bruised skin (February 17). Try any of the extracts in a body butter for awesome anti-oxidizing powers

Foaming facial cleanser with white willow bark (February 22). Try this recipe with pretty much any extract that takes your fancy! Oily skin could use cucumber or rosemary extract, dry skin might benefit from liquorice or ginseng, acne prone skin could use honeysuckle extract, and everyone can benefit from chamomile for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. For skin that needs some exfoliating, consider using papaya extract - it's a great exfoliant!

Scalp refresher with white willow bark (February 23).

Body wash with white willow bark (February 24). Try include some cucumber extract (oily skin) or green tea (anyone's skin) for extra extract-y goodness!

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