Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday ramblings...

My mom visited my blog the other day and said, "It's all about chemistry!" So this is a picture for my mom, a picture of her only daughter trying to put five D cell batteries in her mouth, and, surprisingly, only managing three! I feel so bad for my mom at times - she's such an introvert, very quiet and thoughtful - and she ended up with a noisy extrovert in the house who does stuff like put batteries in her mouth or breaking out into song while Christmas shopping.

So, two points of interest today...On Friday (February 12), I had 100 units of botox injected into various places on my head to help with the six month long muscle spasm related headache. It is the most bizarre feeling - I can feel it getting more difficult to move my eye brows, and I know it's going to get harder every day! - but the pain in my head (and especially my neck) has been reduced dramatically over night.

As a disclaimer, I am completely against cosmetic enhancements that reduce one's ability to express oneself through facial expressions, so I find this whole process more than a little amusing. I'm more than a little worried I'll end up like Nicole Kidman, all frozen faced and expressionless. I tend to be quite animated (when I'm not sleepy), and my eyebrows for indicating my mood, my weirdness level, and so on. So I kind of consider this one big science project - I'll let you know what happens next!

And the Olympics (TM, R, (C), and so on) began last night. (I live about 100 km east of Vancouver, so I guess I'm paying for part of it, eh?) I admit I have not been a big supporter of the Games and the impact it is having on government services and budget, and I'm not really a supporter of sports (where's the huge intellectual Olympic games?)...but it was a lovely opening ceremony. A lot of us hoped the final torch bearer would be a hologram of Terry Fox, but I'm glad it was The Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

So there's a Saturday morning rambling for you. We're holding Rated T for Teen video game club at Yarrow today, so I guess I should go get ready, eh?

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