Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mineral make-up: Eyeshadows from my craft group

It's time for more mineral make-up fun with the eyeshadows created by the amazing colour blenders in my Chilliwack craft group! These are from the last class - I'll be posting more in the next few days! All of these start off with the basic eye shadow base. Most of these are very shiny in nature, so you can de-shine them down a bit by adding some iron oxides in place of the micas (for instance, using the ultramarine purple or manganese violet instead of a purple mica, and so on).

As a quick note, there were other lovely recipes, but I either don't have all the details (for instance, I know there's tangerine pop in one of them, but how much?) or I don't have a good picture (sorry, that's my fault! I'll put it on super macro tonight!)

2 scoops manganese violet
8 scoops red mica
1 scoop base
3 scoops lemon pop
4 scoops tangerine pop
If you want this to be a little less sheer, add up to 3 more scoops of base.

5 scoops base
2 scoops patagonian purple mica
2 scoops manganese violet
1 scoop strawberry pop mica
3 scoops carmine red mica
3 scoops lemon drop pop
2 scoops shimmering fuschia mica
1 scoop tangerine pop mica
3 scoops raspberry pop mica

ROSEBUD by Ceiliceh
5 scoops raspberry pop mica
2 scoops strawberry pop mica
1 scoop black satin mica
2 large scoops (1 cc) eye shadow base
2 small scoops eye shadow base

2 scoops base
2 scoops raspberry pop mica
1 scoop blueberry pop mica

GIRLY PINK by Claire (sorry, no picture!)
5 scoops coral shimmer mica
1 scoop white mica, satin finish
2 large scoops (1 cc) eye shadow base

Aren't they lovely? Join me over the next few days to see what the girls will make next!

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Susan said...


You are awesome! What great fun for all those girls. You are inspiring future cosmetic chemists:)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

They are amazing, aren't they? And wait until you see what they've come up with tonight! (Apparently I take terrible pictures, so they might not turn out great, but we have some great recipes, including not one but two lovely blues!) I'll tell you, when I'm having a really bad day, I just have to go to the group to feel like the most fortunate woman in the world...when I see them creating and making and thinking, well, it just makes my heart feel so good.

Here's the link to the first of the MMU eye shadows created in my craft group! And I have a few more to come!

I can't wait for the day when I say something like "add the cromoist to the cool down phase" and one of them challenges me: "Aren't you supposed to add that to the water phase?" That will be the day I weep happy tears in the library!

Susan said...

I think making your own would be so much better than some of the generic stuff out there. I am not a fan of make-up on young girls so I tell her "when your 15". Is that too long? lol

I had a "girl chemist" moment the other day when I was commenting on a body wash being thinner than I like. My 10 yr old daughter blurted "Just add some Crothix mom." Yay!

More Cowbell said...

Are these the same colors that you would add to lip balms, e.g., for color? Because some of those would make awesome lip balm colors.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Susan. Your daughter needs to join my Pink Atom Brigade. My best friend bought a Cricut machine a while back, and I had her make me up a ton of small pink atom shapes in vinyl. I've been putting them everywhere - my door at work, my laptop, my car - and I've started handing the out to girls in my group. We need more girls in science, and the Pink Atoms are adorable and science-y! Your daughter is a lucky lucky girl. (There'll be a post on this in a few days...)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi More Cowbell! Yep, these would work beautifully in a lip product. Here are a few links (there are more, but I'm sleepy now, so I'd suggest either clicking on the MMU label and sorting through the posts, or searching for "lipstick").

Making lip shimmers.
Modifying lip balm with titanium dioxide.
Modifying lip balm with boron nitride.

Angel S. said...

Do you know where the pop micas were obtained? I love the tangerine shadow and would love to make something similar.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Angel. I bought them from TKB Trading, but they aren't carrying them any more. It's really quite sad. If I find another blend that is similar, I'll post it here.