Friday, February 19, 2010

Mineral make-up: Craft group eye shadows from Ariana

Okay, so I brag about them like they were my own, but the girls of my craft group came up with some amazing colour blends that I simply had to share with you! Apparently I cannot take a picture to save my life, so please excuse the awfulness you see before you (the pictures not the recipes!). The pictures really do not do them justice. We had not one but two lovely blues, a whole host of pinks and purples, and the rainbow explosion, which turned out pretty amazing.

Let's start with a triumvirate of awesomeness from Ariana. (Look for posts from Alyssa, Claire, Keira, and Christy in the next few days...) You'll notice she makes good use of the iron oxides or pigments as a base for the eye shadow, then builds the sparkle from there with the micas.

7 scoops periwinkle blue mica
a titch blue iron oxide (a titch is generally less than 1/4 of a little white scoop)
7 scoops base
1 black satin mica
1 scoop sunpearl silver
1 scoop violet mica

SUN PURPLE by Ariana
2 scoops Imperial red sparkle mica
3 scoops shimmering fuscia
3 scoops base
2 scoops honeydew oxide
2 scoops majestic red mica
1 scoop sparkle blue mica
3 scoops ultramarine pink
1 scoop violet mica

1 scoop burgundy iron oxide
3 scoops honeydew iron oxide
2 scoops brown iron oxide
4 scoops base
5 scoops manganese violet
5 scoops FD&C lake yellow #5
3 scoops petal pink mica
1 scoop sunpearl gold

Absolutely beautiful! I've never really considered using blue on my green eyes, but I'll be making the Midnight Blue this weekend (it reminds me of my old Nissan 200SX - loved that car!) and using it in combination with a little silver. And I can never have enough purples and browns!

Join me tomorrow for the minimalist Creamsicle Swirl courtesy of Keira!

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