Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday to the blog!

It was one year ago today that I started writing daily posts on this blog with an emphasis on the chemistry and formulating of bath and body products! And to celebrate...we're having ribs! (Okay, they're virtual ribs for you, but look at that wonderful rub and the smoking know they're going to be tasty!)

Since then I married the most wonderful man in the world (the one making the ribs!), have written 571 posts (including this one, for a total of 585 so far), made litre after litre of lotions, hair care products, facial care products, and body washes, and made stacks of containers of mineral make-up products stretching from floor to ceiling. I've taught more classes than I can count (and am, in fact, planning to spend the day at Rated T for Teen playing Rock Band at the library!) and I've learned more than I could have imagined.

Every celebration needs cake, but cupcakes are so much cuter!

Melt & pour cupcakes with surfactant based icing.

Melt & pour cupcake soap (stamped technique)

So we have the food, but what's a celebration without presents? Now I know my adorable Blondie dog would ask for bacon, but that's not really a bath & body kind of thing, so how about a few downloads? (She does, however, love butter, but again, not so much a bath & body kind of thing!)

Polyphenols - information about the polyphenols we find in extracts and oils!

Rosemary extract - information about the various extracts, as well as formulating ideas and recipes for hair and skin care products!

Green tea extract, camellia oil, and green tea butter - information about these ingredients along with recipes for hair and skin care products!

Thank you, my wonderful readers, for all your questions, feedback, and challenges. Thank you for encouraging me and encouraging each other to try new things, formulate awesome creations, and learn more about the ingredients we use and the products we make so we can become even more incredible bath & body makers. It has been a wonderful year!


Meaue said...

Happy Birthday to the Blog! I personally have learned so much and am thankful for your blog.

Lalla said...

Happy birthday!
I have learned so much thanks to your blog.

Artisan Soaps said...

Congratulations! and THANKS for sharing!

I have so much to read back over being a new subscriber :D

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for your blog Susan. I have learned so much here. I have even learned things that I did not think I would want to learn!

Hoping to be here celebrating with you on your 2nd blog birthday!

Aesthete said...

Congrats Susan! I love, love your blog. I've become a better formulator thanks to your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge. You're a godsend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to one of the best blogs on the chemistry of B&B! You make me a better formulator.
Thank you!

Hope the ribs were as good as they look...

p said...

Joining in on the bloggy Happy Birthday chorus! Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge. Your blog is amazing, my favorite bath & body blog. :) Here's to many more years of awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I have learned so much from your blog! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I have learned so much from your blog! Thanks so much!