Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Want free advertising on this blog? Well, here it is!

I have a very strict policy about advertising and this blog - I don't want it and I wouldn't accept it if offered - but a few posters have decided to ignore my wishes and post links to their products in the comments. I know they say that any publicity is good publicity, so here's the free publicity you were seeking by posting here!

The first culprit is Vernette Mullins, who posted a comment about her multi-level marketing company Synaura. I think, based on the website, it is a drink filled with anti-oxidants from the maqui berry, a so-called superfruit with tons of anti-oxidants and flavonoids. What I find interesting about the promotion of this site is the complete lack of information on it! What is this product? I think it's a drink - I'm not sure - yet have no idea where to buy it, how much it costs, and so on! Kudos to you, Vernette! You're well on your way to fulfilling your dream of financial freedom, and I personally thank you for giving us the opportunity to jump on board at the ground level, before the product is actually ready to be sold or marketed in a meaningful way.

The second culprit is someone promoting this FaceDoctor line of products containing seabuckthorn oil. Although they market soaps and hair care products, the only meaningful ingredient list I could find was for this product - the Beauty Cream: Seabuckthorn Oil, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl Monostearate, Bee wax. That's it? Huh. At $26.95 for 30 grams, will it do what it promises?
The products work by effectively destroying the infestation of the human demodex parasite, they also help to replenish and revitalize the important elements that make up healthy skin. The active ingredient Seabuckthornoil will help speed up the healing process as well as repair the damage done by scarring.
We know seabuckthorn oil is a pretty awesome oil with tons of phytosterols, polyphenols, tocopherols, and carotenoids, as well as palmitoleic acid, which is the building block of our skin that helps heal wounds and scratches as well as being anti-microbial. But can it do all these amazing things?

What is the human demodex parasite? According to this site...
Demodex parasitic infection of hair follicles is one of the common infectious diseases that affects the scalp. It can infect any hair follicle but it particularly prefers face and scalp hair follicles. Individuals affected by acne or seborrhea oleosa are more prone to be attacked by this particular parasite...The demodex parasite feeds on dead skin and oils, so it particularly likes to live in hair follicles where there are lots of both and that usually means the follicles of the face and scalp.

It might play a role in those little bumps on the back of your arms and legs (keratosis pilaris) and it might play a role in acne. It may or may not play a role in rosacea: I only found one reference source, a press release from - you guessed it! - the Face Doctor company.

So seabuckthorn oil could help with either of these conditions by attacking the demodex parasite? Again, the only source of information I could find about sea buckthorn and this parasite was a press release from this company. So I have to call this unfounded at this point until I get some proper studies. I invite the representative from this company to send me information - I always keep an open mind!

If you want to duplicate this cream, then I'd suggest using some sea buckthorn oil, glycerin, cetyl alcohol (much nicer glide than stearic acid), emulsifying wax or BTMS, and a titch of beeswax. I'm not sure how much - start off with about 60% sea buckthorn oil, 5% emulsifiers, and so on and see how it goes. Or you could make a nice whipped butter with shea or mango with the sea buckthorn in it. It won't be as humectant-y as one with glycerin, but I'm sure it will be nice. Or make yourself a balm or lotion bar with sea buckthorn oil.

I hope I've offered the publicity the two posters were seeking!


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