Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twilight inspired jewellery

Check out the tutorial for this Twilight inspired bracelet from Rings & Things! The red and black beaded bits are easy charms to make - we'll be making these in our class on September 17th - and you can make the bracelet itself with some 10 mm and 5 mm jump rings (although we'll be using 8 mm and 4 mm because that's what I've got on hand)! I can't guarantee we'll have any vampire related charms - shipping can take a while from the States - but we will certainly have some awesome beads and charms for your experimentation!

And if you love boys who sparkle - or proper vampires who can't go out during the day and don't sparkle at all - check out the Bite Me necklace from Rings & Things!

Oh, and the Twilight related pendants. I love the glass vials with the red dye in it! We could make those!

More Hallowe'en and vampire-y jewellery inspirations here!

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Susan, thanks for mentioning our Twilight jewelry designs. Glad you liked them! Keep your eye out for more in the Rings & Things Design Gallery :)

at Rings & Things