Sunday, August 30, 2009

Using Ronaspheres in emulsions: Oil free foundation

Yes, I know this is technically a picture of a light coverage oil including foundation - one you've seen for a few days - but I like to illustrate my posts with pictures, when I can, and I forgot to take a picture of my oil free foundation!

I have oily, acne prone, red, aging skin and I generally avoid most oils as they will make me break out. So an oil free moisturizer is just the thing to help me get some coverage while hiding my imperfections!

If you are interested in knowing why I'm including what I'm including in this recipe, please visit the original post for an oil free facial moisturizer for more information.


81% water (aloe vera, hydrosol of choice) - 3% removed to include Ronaspheres
3% honeyquat or condition-eze 7 or other cationic polymer of choice (like cationic guar gum)
2% hydrolyzed protein
1% allantoin
2% sodium lactate

2% cetyl alcohol

3% Ronaspheres
3% titanium dioxide (oil soluble) - optional. Remove 3% from water amount if you are using this.
2% panthenol
0.5% - 1% powdered extract (optional)
0.5% -1% preservative

Weigh all the ingredients in your water phase in a heat proof container and put into a double boiler. Weigh all the ingredients in your water phase in a heat proof container and put into a double boiler. Heat both phases for 20 minutes at 70C. (You might want to use a small container for the oil phase as it is very small). When you have heated and held for 20 minutes, remove from the double boiler and pour the water phase into the oil phase and mix well with a hand mixer or stick blender.

Add 3% Ronaspheres and mix well as the mixture is cooling. If you wish to add titanium dioxide at 3%, do this at the same time and mix well. It will thicken the lotion.

When cooled to 45C, add your cool down phase and mix well. When the lotion has completely cooled, bottle and enjoy!

If you wish to add the powdered extract, remove up to 2% of your water phase after it been heated and held but before you add it to the oil phase, and mix with the powdered extract to dissolve.


Shawna said...

In all my pre-dive-into-this research on making my own makeup I have come across a lot of people suggesting that you can turn your mineral makeup into liquid foundation by just mixing some of your powder into your facial moisturizer.... But you have tweaked several lotions to included water/oil soluble titanium and ronaspheres to make liquid foundations.
I have only in my life had One moisturizer that I could use and it not break me out because of my picky skin and so this idea of mixing a powder of my own making and my tried and true lotion for a liquid foundation is appealing. Have you ever heard of this? Would it work? As mineral powdered foundation doesn't normally need preserving would you have to mix daily, or could you mix a small amount every week or so? Anyone tried this.... Results? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I believe you left out the colour blend in this recipe... What kind of pigments do you use, same as in the powdered mineral foundation?

Love your blog! /Anna

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Anna! Check out the mineral make-up section of the blog to see all the posts on this topic, including colour blends and ingredients we use to make them!