Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mineral make-up ingredients: A closer look at Ronaspheres LDP

Ronasphere LDP is a product similar to Micronaspheres in that it is a spherical, silica based product. Only in this case, the silica spheres are coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide instead of silicone dioxide.

Silica coated in titanium dioxide and zinc oxide designed to be close to the "light refraction index of the skin", and completely invisible when applied. It is best used with emulsified products at 3 to 10%, so it's ideal if you want to make a liquid foundation, but can be used in powdered product at up to 20%. You can use Ronaspheres with all oil products as well, so it's an awesome ingredient if you want to make anhydrous lip sticks or eye creams.

The particle size of Ronaspheres is somewhere between 2 and 7 microns (the data sheets for this product are just awful and contradict each other!) It is offers light to medium coverage, but for medium to heavy coverage, you'll want to include some titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to the mixture.

Cost wise, it's the most expensive of the fillers at $8.00 per ounce.

Like Micronaspheres, you do not want to crush or grind Ronaspheres as this will destroy the rounded shape. When including these in a powder, add it last and just blend lightly in your bag.

Usage rate: up to 20% in a powdered product, 3% to 10% in an emulsified or anhydrous product.

Whiteness or opacity: To make a colour lighter, to cover up imperfections.
It covers imperfections, but not through colour whiteness...(see below for more information).

Translucency: The base itself is almost invisible once applied.
Translucency is one of the great features of Ronaspheres.

Skin protection
Because it has titanium dioxide in it, it's going to offer a bit of skin protection

Slip: The product feels nice going on and staying on.
Because it's made of silica, it feels very silky upon application and on your skin.

Adhesion: The product remains on your skin.
Good adhesion, thanks to the titanium dioxide.

Absorbency: Your colour will remain true throughout the day and not morph into something due to environmental stresses or skin oils.
Good absorbency and good colour retention.

Light scattering properties: To give your skin a dewy glow.
Excellent for offering a dewy glow without sparkle. See the information about the light scattering properties above.

Join me tomorrow to learn how to use Ronaspheres in a liquid foundation!


aap0calyptic said...

Where can you purchase ronaspheres in Canada?

Paige B said...

Where can you buy it for $8/oz? The only place I've found (in the US) is From Nature With Love, and they want an outrageous $52.48/oz!!! I'd like to try this, but not for that price. If you don't mind, when you demo cool ingredients like this, could you please add links where you can buy them?

A Fajardo said...

Is this an ingredient they use for luminous foundations or make-up face primers?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi A! I have no idea. It depends on the product.