Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melt & pour soaps: Liquid vs. solid dyes

I love this puzzle piece mold (okay, it's really a silicone ice cube tray from Ikea...) and I always keep it around for those times I have a little more soap than I need because I like having tons of multicoloured pieces to put together. Take a good look at the pink one - it's got measles!

The pink is a solid dye - it comes in a little plastic container and you have to shave it off and mix it into the soap until it melts. The purple is a Labcolour dye - diluted, Royal Purple. You can see the difference.

Although there was nary a spot of unmelted pink when I mixed and poured it, it obviously solidified when the soap cooled. I think it looks kind of neat, but it's not something I want for every soap.

Why would you want to choose a solid dye? It's far cheaper than the liquid dyes, and it lasts forever. You don't need much to colour a large batch of melt & pour soap. And it comes in some different colours - I specifically bought the burgundy (the pink above is supposed to be burgundy). But it is a pain to think your dye has melted, only to see it has solidified to give you this mottled look. Having said that - it does look kind of neat!

So if you're a newbie to melt & pour soap making, I'd suggest sticking with the liquid dyes because they are more predictable!

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