Monday, August 24, 2009

Links to mineral make-up sites

If you're really interested in mineral make-up, here are a few sites to keep you busy for the foreseeable future!

In my opinion, the best site for colour blends for foundations has to be the (now defunct) Cosmetic Formulator, linked here through the wayback machine. If you like what you see, please PDF it so you don't lose it! Take a look through the formulary - there are so many interesting recipes, you'll find yourself lost for hours. If by some chance you don't have the supplies she recommends, you know how to substitute, right?

Here is the first page of the formulary for the Cosmetic Formulator that will take you to a variety of pages! I cannot stress enough how awesome this site is and I cannot plead with you enough to PDF or print the pages off! Do it now!

Here are a few other sites I have enjoyed...
  • The Conservatorie has a great colour blend as a starting point;
  • DIY Cosmetics (scroll down for the blend ideas) has some great ideas, although I'm not sure what tan might be;
  • Sweet Scents has a ton of recipes for various products - I haven't tried them out, but they seem interesting;
  • The Soap Queen (Anne-Marie of Brambleberry) regularly posts mineral make-up recipes for eye shadow and lip sticks. Awesome - love the pink champagne colour!
Please, if you find a site you like, actually capture the information some how - print it, PDF it, write it down - because you don't want to go back and find it gone!

Join me tomorrow for more fun with mineral make-up!

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