Saturday, July 25, 2009

What interests you? Adding slip to conditioners!

I asked, you responded, so what interests you?

From Esmee: She'd like more solid things as her daughter is a bit of a mixing mad scientist in the bathroom. I'm working on things so stay tuned!

From Christine P: Hi, I have a suggestion! I was wondering if you would consider doing another post on hair conditioners - specifically things you can do to add slip (other than silicones - nothing against them, just curious as to what else there is out there).

Thanks Christine for the suggestion! As I wrote the first post, I realized I hadn't done an in-depth look at cationic quaternary compounds. How did that happen? So before we get into looking at adding emollients to your conditioners, I thought I'd spend a few days taking a look at Incroquat BTMS, cetrimonium bromide, cetrimonium chloride, and Incroquat CR.

To answer the question, there are many options for adding slip to your conditioners like...
And I'm going to take a look at each ingredient in turn so we can tweak our recipes to increase slip and glide!

But first...a look at cationic quaternary compounds, starting with BTMS.

As a note, if you want an intense conditioner with lots of slip and don't want to wait a week or so until this series has ended, please check out the intense conditioner post!

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Esmée said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm hooked on your blog!
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