Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sushi soap - melt & pour salmon nigiri

If there's anything I like more than cupcakes (from a design point of view), it's sushi. I was inspired by the Soap Queen's video and posts on making flexible soap (click here for the jelly roll tutorial, click here for the sushi soap tutorial, and click here for the video on making flexible soap), so I thought I'd make some nigiri soap! These are going to look really cute in the Daiso sushi box with some fake grass. And I might throw in a sushi roll beeswax candle!

It's a pretty basic concept. Melt some white soap and pour it into a mold. Spray the layer with rubbing alcohol. Let it set about 10 minutes or so. I melted some crystal clear glycerin soap, added Melon Red Labcolour, and Pink Sugar fragrance oil (yep, my salmon smells like Pink Sugar!) Then pour a second layer of coloured glycerin soap on the top of the white and spray it with rubbing alcohol. I tried to make the layers equal, but I have no idea how thick they are.

Then make your flexible soap. (Check out the Soap Queen's video for making flexible soap for more information.) I used clear soap because that's what I had on hand - you can use white soap if you want - and coloured it with green Labcolour (liquid) and black iron oxide (1 scoop - it should have been 2!). I don't have a silicone brownie mold, so I used a baking tray with parchment paper. I left it about 10 minutes or so (I got distracted!!!) until it was hard but flexible.

I also tried using a plastic plate from the dollar store - it worked really well. The pieces were long enough for this project, but not long enough for making the sushi rolls (tomorrow's post). If you can get a larger plate, like a plastic tray, you could use this as a mold for the flexible soap.

I cut the pieces of sushi soap into 2 inch wide slabs, then took the flexible soap out of the mold and cut that into one inch wide pieces using a ruler and X-acto knife. To wrap it around I used some glycerin soap to affix the seaweed layer to the bottom, let it dry, then wrapped it around the sushi soap, affixing it again with glycerin soap!

If you wanted to try another version, you could make two separate layers, then cut the pieces and affix them with clear soap.(Yeah, some of the rice layers are really thick!) Then wrap the sea weed layer around the soaps and affix with clear soap. I made the flexible soap far too thick for this version - I have to figure out what 1/8 inch looks like on a baking tray - but I do like the black. I used more black iron oxide in this one. (The yellow ones are supposed to be tamago, but I don't have egg scented fragrance oil, so I used Hello Sweet Thang instead. Lovely!)

Join me tomorrow for sushi roll soap!

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Mich said...

Hi Susan,

How fun! Flexible soap...that could provide endless design opportunities!

Thanks also for including links to other groovy sites!
(So much reading to do, so little time!)