Monday, July 20, 2009

Question of the week: What interests you?

Although I'm having a wonderful time creating in the workshop and researching various ingredients, what interests you? Curious about cationics? Mad about mineral make up fillers? Serious about surfactants? (Okay, I'll stop with the alliterations...)

Do you have general questions about your creations? How to make them more moisturizing? How to make them more conditioning? How to thin a lotion or thicken a cream? Can't find a supplier for an ingredient? Obsessed with a particular oil?

Post your comments here and help me generate some ideas for future posts!


Esmée said...

Oooh! There is so much that is interesting! (You know...)
But when I look at my daughter who is experimenting with mascara and eyeliner. Then a 'thing' pops in my mind how to make her something that she will use to take that off!

Sometimes in the early morning I believe that I gave birth to a little panda.... Big black eyes... *sight*

And I am a fan of 'solid' things too that do not need a jar or something. DD plays mad scientist when she is taking a shower. She stirs things in to things, shakes bottles, is pouring other things in to the bottles and so on.
She looks like me! :D

I do like to shower, but not too long. Just enough to wash my hair and body. But I like to smell good!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

You could try one of these three make-up removers...
Water based make-up remover", Oil based make-up remover, or surfactant based remover.

Solid things, eh? I'm sure I can do some experimenting! Perhaps you should get her into your workshop and teach her how to pour things from one bottle to another to create something she'll actually use! I've made most of my creations with my youth groups at one point or another, and they love it!

Christine P said...

Hi, I have a suggestion! I was wondering if you would consider doing another post on hair conditioners - specifically things you can do to add slip (other than silicones - nothing against them, just curious as to what else there is out there).

Your other conditioner posts were awesome and very helpful - you went over a lot of moisturizing ingredients, but is there anything else to put in conditioners to make combing easier and give a slippier feel?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for the inspiring post! I'm starting the series on adding slip to conditioners on Sunday. I didn't realize I hadn't done a series of posts on the various cationic quaternary compounds (like BTMS, cetrimonium bromide, and cetrimonium chloride) so I'm going to have some fun researching and experimenting with those. If you want a recipe for something very slippery and don't want to wait for the posts, may I suggest either the intense conditioner or the shaving bar (if you like bars) as both are very very slippery. Feel free to leave out the silicones.

So look for this series to start on Sunday!

Christine P said...

Woo! Thanks :) I'm trying to grow my hair longer (am at about waist now) and I love some extra super slip. I guess I should have worded it "in addition to silicones" rather than "other than silicones".

When I made my first ingredients purchase at The Herbarie I noticed they had PEG-7 and said it was good for combing - is that a cationic quat also?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

PEG 7 olivate is an ester - here's a post on this ingredient - and it's non-ionic. It offers conditioning qualities, but it's not a conditioner itself. I'm going to get into this ingredient in the new conditioning posts because I love it!!!

Christine P said...

Oh! Y'know I did read that post and my brain didn't think that PEG 7 and PEG 7 olivate were the same thing for some reason. That makes sense now thanks!

When you see a big list of extracts on a commercial shampoo/conditioner (like "extracts of chamomile, cherry bark, horsetail etc etc"), do they do anything useful, or are they just there to pad the ingredients list and make it look more natural?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Christine. Extracts can be very helpful in hair care products, but I always worry they are used at amounts so low they're only there for label appeal. Take something like aloe vera - in many creations, there's maybe 1% aloe vera, which is pointless. Something like chamomile could be very good for your scalp, rosemary is great for hair and scalp care, and peppermint and tea tree can be great for dandruff prone hair...but if there's only 0.1% in the product, it's just there for label appeal.