Friday, July 17, 2009

Foamer bottles: Facial Cleanser

I figured since we were talking about bottles, how about foamer bottles? I found this one with the lime green top and couldn't resist buying it. So I had to formulate something to go in it!

So what's the deal with foamer bottles? It's a bottle that foams. You're using very little product to get a big foamy creation, and it's fun! You will use less of the product, which means it lasts longer. (As a family counsellor, I visit a lot of homes. And almost every one has one of these foamer bottles for the kids' hand soap. The companies must be making a fortune!!!)

You want to use about 2/3 water in a foamer bottle so it'll foam. And it is very foamy! You can take your favourite hand soap or facial cleanser and add water to it to use in the bottle, or you can make your own. I know the Herbarie and Making Cosmetics have recipes that are about 80% water - I've chosen to use 26% ingredients, the rest either water, aloe, or hydrosol.
Let's modify the facial cleanser from March 9. (Please click if you want to see the original recipe or why we are using these ingredients.) We aren't going to use Crothix - our goal is a very thin surfactant mix that will go through the foamer bottle and foam! I'm specifically using more aloe and sodium lactate because this will thicken it a tiny bit, and that's not a bad thing. But if you've made surfactant mixes before - body wash, bubble bath, facial cleanser, shampoo - this will seem very very thin to you. It's okay. That's what we want.

43.5% water
9% Amphosol CG (coco betaine)
8% LSB (you can use sulfosuccinate here)
10% aloe vera
20% hydrosols - I used chamomile and lavender because I like those
2% hydrolyzed protein
2% panthenol
2% sodium lactate
3% glycerin
0.5% preservative
fragrance or essential oils if more than 1%.
(I didn't use extracts in this one because I forgot!)

Mix all together, then put into the foamer bottle. Use. Enjoy.

Join me tomorrow to have some super happy fun making a facial cleanser more suitable for normal to oily skin.


Christina said...

Can I use foamer bottles for shampoo, body wash, etc, and then not have to worry about thickeners? :D Or is there some very obvious reason why this wouldn't work? I wouldn't want to try it with conditioner (cause I like the thickness so I can leave it on for a few minutes), but maybe this would make other surfactant mixes simpler?

Sorry for commenting on such an old post, I'm just looking through things!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Christina! I don't know if you saw the post on organizing, but I asked people to comment on older and relevant posts so we can keep all the information in one place! So it's great you commented on the applicable post! There's no such thing as an old post around here!

You can, but they are more expensive (at least double the price) and generally only come in one size (8 ounces). The one down side is that you won't get a ton of product to use in one press - which is a good thing for hand and facial products - so you'll have to press and press for a bit to get enough for body washes or shampoos. But there's no logistical reason you can't use them!