Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafting with youth: Magnet boards

Hey, this is my 250th post. I should have some kind of celebration. I think I'll make some cupcakes!

The kids have been out of school for four weeks now, and they're bored. So why not craft with them? I have had actual fights with people about crafting with kids. They won't sit still, they won't listen, they'll mess things up...yeah, they might, but it's more likely they won't. I've found it quite easy to get their attention with cool crafts like fabric stencilling, bath & body creating, or making candles. (The picture to the left is from our magnet board class).

Get an 8x10 frame from the dollar shop. You can paint the outside of the frame or leave it whatever colour it started off as being. Remove the glass and set aside - you won't be needing these! Get a sheet of metal the same size as the frame and, using spray glue suitable for metal (I got mine at Walmart, $6 a can and it lasts forever!) affix a piece of paper to the sheet. Let it set for a minute or two. Then decorate. You can decorate the frames and the metallic piece with any scrapbooking supplies you might have.

Then make some magnets! We bought some foamy, puffy, glittery stickers and glued magnets to the back of those. Michael's is having a sale right now on their foamy bead things - I loved the science-y ones I bought! Just stick a magnet on the back and you're done!

Or you can make marble magnets - they're easy to make and you can easily make a hundred of them for just a few dollars! I like to use marine silicone glue to affix the glass and magnets.

Marble magnet pictures - These are, again, wingding fonts I've collected. They are the perfect size!

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