Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sushi soap!

The Soap Queen has done it again - SUSHI SOAP! (Yes, I am obsessed with sushi. I like to eat it and craft various things either looking like it or using sushi fabric! This is a picture from my new sunglasses case. The tutorial will be posted in a couple of weeks...) Click on the link for her tutorial. I think we have an idea for a class in the autumn!

I love this Flexy Fast stuff! Is it wrong that I'm thinking of various things to putty up as a mould? Wii controllers, a small blue police box, my puppy - okay, not the last one, but the possibilities are endless! Geeky soap this Christmas for everyone!

As a thought, for the sushi veggies inside, could I use the long silicone ice cube tray moulds we got from Ikea for making ice to put in bottles? And would Raymond notice they've migrated to the workshop? If so, would he miss them?

I think I have a morning project!

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