Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mineral make-up: Part 15: Green with chromium hydroxide green

Chromium hydroxide green is a minty green, perfect for creating your minty green eye shadows.

Basic chromium hydroxide green
1 part eye shadow base
1 part chromium hydroxide green

You can use this as the base for many eye shadows. Add 1 part mica - silver, yellow, gold, and so on - and see what you create!

Make shamrock green mica!
If you don't have shamrock green mica (from June 10th's post), make your own!
1 scoop chromium hydroxide green
3 to 5 scoops silver (if you use arctic silver, you'll get a blue-y tinge...adjust to your shininess preference)

Now use this wherever you need shamrock green.

Fluid with chromium hydroxide green
1/2 tsp your shamrock green mica
5 scoops arctic silver
1/2 tsp basic eye shadow base

Join me next week - July 1st - to create more greens in the earth tones post!

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