Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mineral make-up: Part 13 - Green with micas

Greens! From top left, counter clockwise - Fluid, Patina Green, Green Sheen, and Lime Green. You have to love the variety! As a note, the Green Sheen is very shiny, but I am not a good photographer, so it looks a little dull here.

I am so shocked that I have yet to include a post on greens! I love greens! I started making mineral make up because I was on the quest for the perfect green. I love lime green - it's my favourite colour for clothes, shoes, jewellery, and coats - but I wanted a green. A green green! We're going to be making greens with chromium oxide green (green grass) or chromium hydroxide green (mint green) in the next two weeks, but let's enjoy some green sheens with micas!

For my recipe for eye shadow base, click here.

Green Sheen - This one's easy! It's a simple recipe using equal parts green mica of your choice and eye shadow base. I like to use majestic green, but any green mica would work well. The goal is here is to be really shiny, so we aren't including any iron oxides.

To make 1 container of Green Sheen...
3/8 tsp majestic green or Egyptian mica
3/8 tsp eye shadow base

Shiny shiny green - This one is very very shiny, and is really meant as a light sweep over your eyes because it is very very shiny. (It really is shiny!)

1 tsp base
1/4 tsp and 1/16 tsp shamrock green mica
1/8 tsp sunpearl silver

Fluid - I love this colour!
1/2 tsp eye shadow base
10 scoops shamrock green mica
5 scoops arctic silver or regular silver
(the arctic silver is going to give it a blue-y tinge; regular mica will make it shiny).

If this colour is too intense for you - and it is an intense colour - you can increase the eye shadow base to 1 tsp. This will give you a lighter shade with the shininess that can be used as a base.

Patina green - This is a beautiful green that looks grey on the surface, but really shows up as green when you mix it with the base. This is a great one to use as a liner or darker colour or a highlighter. And it's super easy to make!

1 part eye shadow base
2 parts patina green mica

To increase this for your eye shadow container...
1/4 tsp eye shadow base
1/2 tsp patina green mica

To make this a little darker, you can add a titch of black mica (to keep it shiny) or black iron oxide (brown tones).

Join me on June 17th for green eye shadows with chromium oxide green (grass green)!

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