Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Day: Stuffed food and more!

Why not make a more lasting symbol of your love for your Valentine - one in the form of a stuffed toy?

I found this incredible site - - with wonderful Japanese food themed stuffies. Onigiri, shrimp tempura, fortune cookie (okay, not Japanese but still cute!) -- I'm sure your Valentine would really appreciate it! And don't forget the cutest cupcake stuffy you will ever see! (That's not to say the ones below aren't adorable, but I really like this one for beginners!)

Or make some sushi catnip toys (from You can make these for people you love as well!

A heart covered pincushion from Lollychops says both "I love you" and "sew for me"!

How about an adorable cupcake party stuffie? (From Craftster). And another adorable cupcake stuffie! And yet another! (Or check out the cupcake wars for more excitement!) Oh, my blood sugar can't take it!

Show your Valentine some love by making a stuffed Valentine pin he (or she) can wear as a constant reminder of your love (and your craftiness)! (Link to pattern here...)

How about a little sewn fortune cookie -- yeah, it might not seem Valentine-y, but it's the perfect medium for an adorable and loving message! Or try this, more elaborate version done with fabric (not felt).

And you can top a lot of these off with an accompanying stuffed strawberry!

If you like crochet, why not crochet a cupcake amigurumi!

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