Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts: Paper crafts & decorations

More love, I say! This time of year might be cold and damp, but when you have the love, who cares? So I bring you some ideas for card making for the loveliest day of the year!

Sewn paper cards are lovely, and easy!

A no-sew paper garland with fabric. You could use paper for the front of these hearts to make it easier! I know what I'm making this weekend!

I love these old-timey cards -- I printed these a few years ago for my office!

This is awesome! Valentine's day tea bags and tags - two great things in one!

I love the woven heart bag - I did these a few years ago in felt - and you can make them out of fabric or paper! You can make them with three sections or a ton, like this post. (I think this is the best tutorial I've found so far at Maya*Made.) You can fill the bag with chocolates you've made or other trinkets, and you'll see a happy smile on the face of your giftee!

There's the round up for the day...I'm sure I'll find more as the big day approaches!

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