Thursday, February 12, 2009

CRAFT magazine is no more...

Well, today marks the day of the last printed edition of CRAFT magazine. I am proud to call myself a crafty girl. I'm always looking for new ideas and new crafts I can enjoy. I teach craft groups. I am the epitome of the target market for this magazine...but I've never bought a copy.

I check it out each month, but at $15.00 a copy, it would have to be pretty spectacular to justify that hole in my budget. It seems like a lot of their ideas are ones I've seen time and time again, or ones I can find for free online. Raymond points out that it seems most of the ideas from both MAKE and CRAFT are meant for people who live in Manhattan (or another large American city with tons of resources) or for people who are willing to save money by dumpster diving. (I'm all about the cheap crafting, with my tendency to injure myself doing normal things like walking down stairs, I don't think climbing into giant containers to find stuff is a good idea!)

So farewell CRAFT magazine...we hardly knew ye!

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