Saturday, February 7, 2009

Better crafting through chemistry...part 1 of a million!

Hi, I'm Susan, and I'm addicted to chemistry. Everything I see, do, eat, or breathe can somehow relate to chemistry. A great deal of my crafting has to do with chemistry -- bath & body stuff, mineral make-up, cooking & baking -- and now I've started making molecules. My friends and family are starting to think I'm slightly eccentric, but I can't help it. Chemistry is amazing - fascinating, even -- and it surrounds us every second of every day.

(left & right: "poison" earrings and necklace - hydrogen-carbon-nitrogen - or cyanide molecules! Below my heptahydrate or 7 water molecule bracelet!)

If I say "Wanna know something interesting?" my family cringes, knowing I'm about to say something about chemistry. But it is interesting. The more I learn about how the world works, the more fascinating it becomes. I can't just look at a cup of tea any more -- it's now a heterogeneous mixture (solution) that may be precipitating while I watch it!

But this post is more about how amazing science can be and how I wish I'd learned it sooner. I didn't take chemistry or physics in high school because I wanted straight As to get into university...and I always regretted it. Hence the taking of chemistry now. I think more people would be interested in the sciences if they could see an application for it, say, like bath & body products.

Think about it. If you were introduced to the concept of acids and bases through a textbook or by learning how to make and use a bath bomb, which one would intrigue you? Or if you knew more about the chemistry of cooking? I always hated in school when someone would whine about never having to use "this" (algebra, history, English, and so on) in real life, because there are so many applications for what we learn (like tidy posts on a blog not filled with punctuation and grammar errors!), and so many times in life when we could use what we've learned to make life a bit easier (figuring out area using algebra). So here's a way to make learning science hands on and useful to those students who might otherwise not be interested.

(I'm not sure how to end this post other than to say that science is awesome, and I'm sorry if I'm annoying people with it. I guess I'm just so fascinated by it all!)


Cindy said...

Don't know how I found your blog, but you are my new BFF! I am a biochemist and love when people see chemistry and apply it to everyday. Thanks for helping people to see its beauty rather than fear it!
Cindy Jones

Cherry said...

I find your mind to be extremely interesting and fresh- wish you were my crazy relative! :)

Thank you for your blog. I just found it and am totally intrigued. Keep up the great work!