Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Gifts: Chocolate-y goodness

Chocolate! Who doesn't love chocolate? And when it's made with love, then it's lovely chocolate for a lovely day.

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Make some candy heart bark: Melt about 20 grams of chocolate, and add some of those cinnamon hearts. Stir, spread on plate, and wait. (You can sprinkle a few on top if you want). When they're done, break it into pieces and put into a cute bag. This works well with both milk and white chocolate.

Molding hearts: You'll need to invest $3.25 at Dickens for a cute heart mold. Melt, pour the chocolate into the mold, then tap it lightly on a tabletop to get out the bubbles. Put into the fridge, then unmold and put into cute bags.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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