Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow day!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled set of links about organizing to bring you a SNOW DAY! It's too dangerous to drive right now -- especially in a car without snow tires -- so our agency is closed. SNOW DAY! (I just heard on the news that Chilliwack had 32 cm of snow as of yesterday afternoon!) "It's snow picnic out there!" (apologies to the Simpsons for stealing their bit!) This is a good thing as I am a terrible snow driver! I'm the "other people" you must fear! I grew up in North Vancouver (which is a giant hill) and went to university at SFU (on top of a mountain), so I haven't had much practice. I am working hard on learning how to drive in the snow thanks to Raymond's faith in me, but it's best if I didn't on a day like today!

So what to do today? I am definitely going to do some chemistry work -- I'm very excited about the acid-base equilibrium stuff -- and I might do some crafting. I've been practising jewellery making in anticipation for the upcoming class on the topic, so I'm thinking I might need a jewellery organizer. Here are some samples of what I've been making recently...

Ironically, I call this one "Snow Day" because of the silver and gold. This was my first attempt at using crimp beads to make the sections look like they are floating. As a note, if you find you cannot wear metal earrings, may I suggest the plastic hooks? I found these at Strung Out on Beads in Abbotsford and I just love them. They are larger than the regular hooks so it may take time for your ears to adjust to the increased diameter, but they are really great for those of us who are metal sensitive. (As a note, I do not recommend piercing your ears with a safety pin. No matter how much you sterilize it by heating it up, it will still leave you with infections. I found this out the hard way!)

I don't have a name for this one yet -- perhaps "brown hearts with reflective clear beads" -- nah, that is just terrible. I was trying to find something brown to go with my new brown and pink dotted six panel gored skirt (I made this! So excited!)

I call this one my Water Bracelet. Why? Because it is made up of a series of water molecules (7 H2O to be precise, so it's really my heptahydrate bracelet. Did I mention I am turning into a science geek!) I have to make earrings to go with this one!

And here we have some fun with Shrinky Dinks! I made these little sushi charms out of white Shrinky Dink paper. This bracelet is done with elastic cord -- the red beads represent the salmon roe in a battleship sushi piece -- and I made two pairs of earrings to go with it. Again, the earrings are stud pieces that are made of plastic because I tend to be very sensitive to metal in my ears.

As a note, I found this stuff called Allergy Jewelry Shield for coating earrings so we can wear metal ones. It is awesome stuff! If you can get it, I recommend it. It's only about $6.00 a bottle, and it actually genuinely works! I purchased mine in Surrey at a place called Country Lane. It's a scrapbooking and jewellery making store, and it has some awesome stuff! And they have two adorable Yorkies wandering around for your amusement! I have been talking to the owner of Beads to Beads in Chilliwack about carrying it.

This one is a bracelet with a sushi charm made from polymer clay. It's very basic -- I'm just learning, remember! -- but I thought it would be fun to have something that dangled.

So perhaps today should be about making a jewellery organizer? My mom did buy me one for Christmas, but I've already outgrown it. And it does go with the "let's get organized" theme....All right, here are some links for some jewellery organizers!

Here's a nice one made with fabric from Scrapbooking & Crafts.
This one from Daisy Janie is nice - it is a mirror and organizer in one!
This organizer from Blissfully Domestic does require a drill!
Or how about an insert for your jewellery box from Finny Knits?

I'm thinking I might make up one from some bulletin board, some thumbtacks, and some fabric. I'll post pictures when I'm done!

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