Monday, January 19, 2009

Random crafty ideas for a Monday

If I only had time to make everything I wanted...well, I'd be a happy girl, but I'm sure I'd find more things I wanted to make and I'd bemoan not having time to make I should be happy with what I have, eh?

This morning I am going to make my date book (and document it), but I can't figure out which paper to use. I have this very retro sewing paper or my favourite atomic paper -- which to use?

While I'm contemplating are a few blogs worth a serious investment in time for their amazingly cute tutorials!

Jazoie's Spectacular Home Companion - lots of great tutorials here for furoshiki, cute fabric balls, and more. (I have some of that Christmas fabric I bought at Fabricland! I wonder if she's Canadian?) I am not linking to one specific page as her projects are really worth a browse!

GoodyGoody has tons of great sewing tutorials -- her stuffed animals are adorable!

If you're feeling particularly gory this morning, check out these bloody stuffed animals (no tutorial, lamentably). I especially love the unicorn spearing a teddy bear!

Finally, check out the Long Thread's top 100 tutorials of the year. If you can't find something to inspire you there, you're probably not inspire-able. (Is that a word?)

Well, I'm off to make my date book. Still undecided about the paper, but I need it for this morning, so I better get on it, eh?

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