Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Update, week 2

Week 2 update!

Organization: I had two people this week tell me I was organized. Is it National Have a Beer with Breakfast Week? I forgot to make a new 2009 date book -- so that's the weekend project!

Not brushing my teeth so hard: Going well!

Continuing to work on my blood sugar: I bought a new machine -- it's super awesome mega cool...well, for a diabetic testing machine. It's all in one, and the strips come out at the push of a button...okay, I'm a little excited about it, but if it helps me remember to test. I've had results as low as 3.7 (too low), 4.4, and 4.5 this week, but I'm still averaging about 6. I did learn that diabetic cookies filled with white flour do not keep blood sugar from going up, but diabetic chocolates from Purdy's are a great choice! I have to go for my three month test (HgA1C) on Monday, so I'll know next week what the results are from October!

Take more photographs: This I have been doing. And I really want that waterproof, drop-resistant, cold resistant Olympus camera. Maybe someone will get us one for our wedding??? (See the gratuitous picture of my mom's amazing pork pie for an example of random picture taking...BTW: This pie is awesome! And not good for my blood sugar...see above!)

Crafty goals: I did make a few pieces of jewellery, bought some beads, but did not get around to making the eye shadow or buttercream icing. Oh well, this weekend? No, wait, I need a new date book and a new calendar for wok (I'm sick of looking over and seeing an empty space where there should be a Simpsons picture!)

So there we go for another week! Hope your resolutions are going well!

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