Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mineral make-up - Part 6: Pink!'s girly, it's feminine, it's awesome.

I never thought about wearing pink until Wanda made it, but now I love it. I always thought because I had green eyes, I should wear green eye shadow. It's not a silly thought, but it is not necessarily true. Pink goes very well with green eyes -- it's a complement on the colour wheel, apparently, and I know I get comments when I wear it.

To make a really nice pink, you need to invest in some ultramarine pink. It's your starting point for most pink based eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and everything else. So get out your ultramarine pink.

FOR A MATTE BASE - a light pink with no sparkle
1 part ultramarine pink
6 parts eye shadow base (see previous posts for this recipe)

Mix in a baggie. Try. Love!

Feel free to increase the ratio here to 3 parts base to 1 part ultramarine pink if you want a really pink pink!

But where's the sparkle? You need some sparkle! Remembering the previous tutorials, you only need a bit of ultramarine pink, magnesium violet, or iron oxides to make a matte, base colour, but you need to add quite a bit of mica to the mix to get some decent colour change or sparkle.

Adding mica...isn't rocket science -- IT'S COSMETIC SCIENCE. (Sorry, couldn't resist!!!) When you add a bit of mica, you're going to change the colour. Add each of these micas at 1 part to your base to see some subtle results. Add at 2 parts to your base to see some real sparkle and colour. (Click on the underlined words to see the link to the colour!)

Rose sky (I copied the picture from Suds & Scents because I couldn't link to it the link for the entire line of mica colours): This is a beautiful colour added to pink. Again, try 1 part for a subtle deep pink, 2 parts for a vivid pink.

Maroon mica: Maroon mica on its own will turn a beautiful dusty rose (2 parts base, 1 part mica). Adding this to your pink base will give you a dusty rose.

Peach mica: This is a beautiful peachy mica. Add it at 1 part for a subtle peach undertone, 2 parts will add some serious peachiness!

Shimmering fuschia mica (from Suds & Scents...): This is an amazing colour and one, at really high levels probably best left for Hallowe'en, but a titch can make your pink really pop! Start at 1 part fuschia mica to your base amount and see how you like it. I would not try 2 parts immediately because you will regret it!

Petal pink mica: Here's where you get pink pink pink...Add at 2 parts to get a real proper pink eye shadow with some lovely shine!

Romantic rose mica: This is really lovely and subtle. It will redden up your pink a bit and give you a deeper toned pink. Just gorgeous -- add at 1 part and see how you like it before going straight to 2 parts.

Violet mica: Yeah, this doesn't seem natural for a pink, but it's gorgeous. Adding 1 part of this will give you a blue toned pink, 2 parts will give you a more purple-y mauve kind of colour. Lovely!

Here's an amazing recipe from Brambleberry for Pink Champagne. I've been wearing this a lot lately and get lots of nice comments...She suggests using peach mica, violet mica, and rose pearl mica. We used our base and peach mica, violet mica, and ruby mica (look left!) from Suds & Scents because we didn't have any rose peal, and it turned out absolutely amazing. I really suggest you try this!

Finally, as a note, remember you can always make a colour deeper by adding a little black iron oxide or black mica. For your pink base above, try using a titch for the 1:6 ratio. (By a titch I mean a tiny wee little bit at the end of a toothpick if you're using those little white scoops from the MMU supplier!) You will see the colour deepen. But please don't use a lot -- too much black makes it muddy!

Tune in next week -- I think we'll make some green...but it could be purple. I'm flighty that way!


Jennifer @ Princess Powders said...

Great colors, I LOVE pink eyeshadows!

Just a note though, ultramarine pink isn't approved by the FDA for use in cosmetic lip products :).

Tiffany Reed said...

Hi Ladies! I am new to handmade personal care and cosmetic. I am working on launching my business and still have a lot to learn. Point of Interest have been such a great resource for me and I am so greatful for it. Thanks to Susan! I am hoping someone here can help. I am using mica in my lip product. When listing ingredients on labels, can I just list it as "mica"? Or do I have to list each component - i.e. Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide?

Thank you,