Monday, January 19, 2009

Date book finished!

In a wonderful example of how you should let your mind roam when you are crafting, Raymond helped me choose the paper for the cover of my date book. I didn't even realize I had this paper, and I love it! I'm so pleased with it. This is the shot of the cover. It measures 7.25 inches high and 4.5 inches wide. I've used legal sized paper because I wanted something slightly larger than a 1/4 sheet of letter sized paper, but not as big as half a sheet. I'm so thrilled.

I designed the inside of the book myself -- I have my date pages, note pages, important phone numbers, a calendar, and information on the upcoming groups. I still have to fill in the dates, but I enjoy doing that as it makes me think of what is going to happen this year!

I know I've gone against everything I told you about using pretty paper for your back cover, but the flip side of the scrapbooking paper was way too cute to pass up, plus it matched, plus I messed up and cut the backing paper way too short and didn't have more!

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Anne-Marie said...

This looks beautiful - absolutely a perfect cover choice. Congrats on a lovely date book.