Monday, December 15, 2008

Some neat stuff...

A few questions, a few links to tutorials...I'm too tired to think this morning. It's Monday. It's something like -8 outside and with the wind chill it feels like -20. I had the worst sleep last night -- and I know someone will make the comment "Well, you had a long nap yesterday afternoon!" as if somehow taking a nap fulfills all my sleeping needs for the next six months! If I sleep 10 hours last night, and 6 today, does that mean I got 16 hours of sleep? No!

Anyway, on to the links for the morning.

There's always been this notion that somehow humectants can draw water out of your skin to the atmosphere...

'Cause I need to embroider this on something!

How do I make an adorable felt tree? And where can I get the pattern?

Have a good Monday and stay bundled up! It's freezing out there!

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