Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Oh the weather outside isn't frightful -- it's snowing, so it's delightful! Sorry for the early morning bad rhyme, but I love the snow!

But I can't drive in it. I grew up in North Vancouver on top of a giant hill and my school was another another giant hill (oh, let's be honest, North Vancouver is just a giant hill with houses on it!), and the bus couldn't handle going up or down my giant hill or the giant hill on which my school was situated. So, yay, snow day! I went to university on a giant hill, and my first job to which I could drive was on yet another hill (and I owned a rear wheel drive Mustang, so I didn't really drive it in winter because it had a habit of sliding me into houses!!!). So I never really practised much snow driving!

When they say "Oh, it's easy to drive in the snow. Just watch out for the OTHER PEOPLE"...I am those other people. Watch out for me in the snow -- you'll know me from the corn dog air freshener in the window. Just avoid me at all costs!

So today is probably a perfect day for staying in, doing paperwork, and perhaps a little crafting.

Here are some winter and snow related links for the day:

Stencil a fleece scarf -- you remember how to stencil, don't you? (Video podcast)

Which lip balm should you use? from

Make a string of felt lights as an advent calendar -- probably too late for this year, but get ready for next!

Some cute tags to print and use for Christmas.

Have a great snow day!

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