Friday, December 26, 2008

How was your Christmas?

My Christmas was outstanding! It was white and snowy, then the day grew sunny and a bit warmer. Wanda cooked our Christmas dinner (turkey with stuffing, Brussel sprouts - for my mom & Cameron - broccoli salad, homemade perogies, and cabbage rolls!) and it was delicious.

Cameron bought her ABBA Singstar, so we tried a few songs out (note: very very high singing on that disk!) and I was shocked by how many songs I actually knew. (I received my first KISS album when I was 5 -- I've always considered myself a "headbanger" or "non-pop music liker", but I seem to know many pop songs. I guess it's all that shopping in stores that play music non-stop until you have to leave because you're sick of hearing the same tunes over and over again...but I digress.)

Fun was had by all. and for your enjoyment, I post here a picture of my dog enjoying her present. We wrapped some puppy treats in some paper and let her rip it open. (This is actually my present she is trying to steal!)

It's funny because some people complain about Christmas -- too much stress, too much commercialism, not enough of something else -- but in the end, we all celebrate in our own way. I always treat myself to eggs fried in the bacon fat; Raymond's family eats Pillsbury turnovers; and we always have to have Christmas pudding with custard on it.

I hope you had a lovely day! Only 364 more sleeps 'til Santa comes again!

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