Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - Creating Kits

I like to put together kits to bring a few different items together. Create some cute packaging, and always make sure to include a note with instructions on how to use the items (do not use the pumice-y foot bar on your face!), ingredients in the items (respect for allergies and all that), and some ideas on how to enjoy the items (usually verb based -- eat, don't eat, relax, light on fire). Decorate the inside of the box with tissue paper, basket crinkle (that crinkly stuff that gets all over the place...I am not a fan of this, but it does look pretty), or printed paper.

As a note, you can put together anything you want in a kit...I thought I'd offer a few suggestions! Check out the past post on packaging and boxes for ideas and links!


It doesn't matter who you are, everyone gets stressed out (and some of us seem stressed all the time, eh?) So why not put your gifts together in a relaxation kit to give to that special someone in your life?

Candle -- a sushi candle or a scented tea light
Bath salts -- a nice soak feels great after a long day
Bath bombs -- again, soaking in the tub is great (if you haven't fallen down a flight of stairs, that is!)
Flax bag -- to get rid of those aches and pains
Cooling eye mask -- great for stress headaches and sinus problems (see Wednesday's post!)
Chocolate -- because nothing says "let's relax" like chocolate!!

Then suggest that the person in question pamper themselves silly with your wonderful relaxation package. Offer some instructions on how to enjoy your present! Light the candle, pop in a bath bomb, heat up the flax bag for afterward, and eat some chocolate! You can burn a CD with some soothing whale songs or sounds of nature and pop that into your parcel.

Try using some lavender, or a combination with lavender like lavender rosemary in your bath products. (Please don't use essential oils in your candle -- try instead something like Black Amber Lavender.) You can add lavender buds or lavender oil to your flax bag, but don't use it in the eye mask because it could be too strong a scent near someone's nose.

(As an aside, I've officially used "lavender" too many times in this post!)


Make some real cupcakes, bath cupcakes, soap cupcakes, and candle cupcakes for a cupcake extravaganza! Get some cute cupcake paper for the package, and make sure you let the person know which is edible and which is not!


This one's easy -- make up various chocolates, get some cute cupcake liners or foils, and put together your own chocolate box along with that little map you get in expensive boxes so people know what they're eating!


Why not stencil a few dishtowels with a pattern that means something to your giftee? Crows, Christmas lights, turtles -- whatever you like. Then add a cute mug filled with chocolates, cookies, or cupcakes you've made and you've got yourself a present!

These are just a few ideas for your Christmas gift giving. Look for more ideas in the next few days!

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