Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bacon -- it's what's for dinner!

I love bacon in all its incarnations -- maple bacon, 50% less salt bacon (which, ironically, tastes saltier), regular bacon cooked when we're camping, eggs fried in bacon fat, and so on. My favourite has to be British bacon: It's called "gammon" and it is either not smoked but cured, or not cured but smoked, and that's what you see to your left. Isn't it beautiful? (And yes, before you ask, I do take pictures of lots of food when I'm travelling. I made that sarnie myself, and it was spectacular).

Blondie loves bacon. Sometimes she jumps in the air for it. Blondie tested; Susan approved! If a dog likes it, you know it has to be good.

So in honour of one of my favourite meat stuffs, here are some ideas for extreme bacon enjoyment!

Bacon cheese roll -- Get some bacon. Weave it. Roll some cheese into it. Bake. Eat.

Bacon explosion -- Bacon with sausage and more bacon. Slow cooked over a BBQ.

Sweet-salty bacon furikake - sugar coated bacon from Japan. (I tried this one. It is very nice!)

Brown sugar glazed bacon -- as if bacon needed some improvements?

Bacon cups - if you've always wanted to make little cups out of bacon, then check out this link. You can fill said cups with all kinds of wonderful things. On the site, she puts salad in them! Salad? Salad goes not with bacon -- perhaps if it were a BLT salad, but not some fancy baby greens type thing! Anyway, enjoy!

What? This wasn't heart stopping enough? Then perhaps Bacon Today is the blog for you? All of the exciting, heart wrenching drama that is bacon in our modern society.

Happy Bacon Day (no, it's not officially bacon day -- that's February 4th, just before National Mole Day, but I'm declaring it as such because nothing says wintery yummies like bacon!)

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Anne-Marie said...

If you love bacon, you'll love Bacon Salt ( Have you heard of them yet? Very interesting concept that's a huge hit in the PNW.