Saturday, November 22, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - sewing tutorials!

Sewing presents can be a little time consuming -- especially if you're like me and you hand sew and are picky about how you cut things out -- but you can make wonderful pouches and wallets for your loved ones with nothing more than a piece of fabric, a printed pattern, a needle, and thread. But if you're running low on funds this Christmas, a quick trip to Fabricland, Wal-Mart, or Hamel's can get you a ton of cute bags for practically nothing! If you had 1 metre of fabric, a few zips, some matching thread, and some grommets, you could make everything listed here (okay, the iPod case is felt, but at 49 cents a sheet when it's not on sale, it's even cheaper!)

Make a cute pouch the one I use for our Gloom game (above). Or find another version at

Sew a cute pencil case using the grommets we used in the backpack making group in the summer.

Cute felt iPod nano case. You can applique some of the adorable pictures from the "Cute Book" on the front -- the serious monkey would be great on this!

Tea Wallet Tutorial - use your snap smashing skills here and make a cute wallet. You don't have to use it for tea -- cards and money will go in here quite nicely.

Very cute drawstring pouch - refer to the drawstring backpack pattern we did in the summer for inserting the cord!

Sew a pirate hat! You must know a few pirates with cold heads!

Simple coasters! Great for the bits of fabric you just can't throw out!

Key chains and lunch bags! So cute!

Very cute wallet with a zipper.

I hope I've given you a few up, bath & body product ideas for Christmas!

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