Saturday, November 29, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - packaging

So you've got a whack of presents made, but how do we package them? You can go out and get some cute packaging and put your stuff into it -- yeah, not so much hand made, but we'll make it our own! -- or you can print out packaging and customize it!

Okay, here's our exception. It's hard to package bath salts in packages made of cardstock because it all runs out -- trust me, I've tried this -- so I'm going to suggest cellophane bags for both the bath salts and chocolate. For the bath salts, put the salts into the bag and close with either a cute twist tie, ribbon, or a label you've created yourself with instructions on use (1/4 cup for every bath!) The cellophane is the best choice as it doesn't suck the scent out of your beautiful creation. With the chocolate, I suggest this for bark or chocolate lollipops, mainly because a bag of bark is really cute and the chocolate lollipops can be protected from the outside world with a cellophane bag over the chocolate-y part with a cute ribbon or twist tie to keep it closed.

Foils are sheets of coloured foils you put over chocolates, like they do in Purdy's or Roger's. It looks very cute. You can get about 100 sheets for something like $6.00 so go in on a package with a friend and save! (As a note, you can wrap foils around your small bath bombs for a cute treat -- but warn people it's not edible!)

I like to get the containers used for real sushi from Daiso (Richmond, Aberdeen Mall) and use those. (That's the picture up there!) You can make your own boxes for these items as well...

Get yourself some patterned or coloured small cupcake liners - the dollar store has some great ones in various colours, but for patterns you'll have to visit Dicken's or Michael's or other craft stores -- and place your cupcake or chocolate inside. Then put them in a cute little box big enough to hold the treats and wait for your kudos!

Mirkwood Designs - boxes, cards, envelopes, and pretty much anything you could ask for in a package.

Jersgirl's Computer Craft and Rubber Stamp Templates - I love the fry box and the crayon box for chocolates!

Papertech - pre-printed designs. I love the corrugated box set, but I like to create my own design for it.

Paper and More - very nice -- I love the take out box!

Stamped Candy Bags - I know this is for Valentine's Day, but there's no reason you can't print out or stamp some cute Christmas designs. Cellophane bags work best for this project.

Capture the Moment - not a lot of templates, but great ideas for making beautiful packaging. I love the standy up box -- very like the fry box, but more elegant.

There are more ways to customize a package than I could possible list in a hundred days of typing, so I'm going to give you a few small suggestions....

Add a photograph.
Find some digital scrapbooking paper online.

Glue on some wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, or other fancy paper.
Add some stickers.
Stamp it!

As everyone knows, I'm the alchemist not the artisan, so I'm not great with the visuals. But here are a few links for some beautiful packaging.

Essential Packaging in Surrey has some cute ideas!

Martha Stewart (video) (turn your volume down because it's really loud!) -- if you want to make these little bags with the window in them, make up a bag, cut a hole into it, glue a piece of transparency sheet to the inside of the box, and fold it all up!

And this site has tons of beautiful ideas for packaging -- some you buy, some you make, all lovely.


Check out Shabby Princess digital scrapbooking - I love her stuff! A lot of really funky, distressed patterns. Check out all the various packages on her site. Warning...the download is pretty big (at least 30 MB so make sure you're not on dial-up! But really, is anyone on dial up any more?)
Seasonal Sampler
Holiday Magic

And Pixel Decor's holiday stuff is to die for! (Click the link for the ornament and snowflake patterns.) They are quite small, but easy to tile so you can use it for larger patterns.

Christmas printable wallpapers that are quite nice, but impossible to download for us Mac users!

Now you have no excuse not to make a ton of presents this Christmas!

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