Friday, November 28, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - more chocolate and candy!

Yep, there's even more you can do with chocolate once you've learned the basics of chocolate making...

For visual instruction, click here!
You can paint in your molds to create chocolates with different colours. For instance, you can create a cute present chocolate (like the one in the link above) by painting the bow first with the chocolate of your choice and a paintbrush. Put it into the fridge to set, then continue on with the pouring of the chocolate. You can make layers -- my favourite chocolate mold for Christmas is a scene of a fireplace with stockings. I used red for the stockings, grey for the fireplace, yellow for the fire, brown for the logs, and so on. I painted one colour, put it into the fridge, waited for the chocolate to set, then did the next colour. It's great fun -- try it!

For this project you'll need a suitable mold, fondant or other filling, and melted chocolate. Do not use anything for the filling containing water. So no jam or cupcake icing here. Peanut butter, nutella, or fondant are great choices. You can flavour the filling with flavour oils, but not with water based extracts like you'd find at the grocery store.

Chocolate covered cherries are beautiful and tasty. Try these when you make filled chocolates.

Or peppermint patties. I have a mold for these, but you can make them as a dipped chocolate.

Here are some great tutorial sites:
Candy Molds and Candy Making - how to use your molds, melt chocolate, and create 3-D chocolates with molds.

One Stop Candle - yes, this is a chocolate making site. Learn about double boilers and melting chocolate.

Basic Filled Chocolates - you can use any filling you like; you don't have to use the one he suggests. Get some fondant from Dicken's or make your own. Put in some Nutella (YUM!) or peanut butter or anything that ISN'T WATER BASED! (Jam will not work here...)

More on how to use molds - some nice basics here.

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