Sunday, November 30, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - labelling

I love making labels! They are the proverbial icing on the cake of handmade Christmas presents. Not only are they good for people who might have allergies or are picky about what they put on or in their bodies, but they're great fun to create and make. You don't need much -- a few printer labels, some sharpies or a printer, and the ideas floating in your head. For my fizzing bath cupcakes I like to put the product name and scent -- fizzing bath cupcakes, luscious lemon curd -- and ingredients, but a little story about the product. "Cupcakes are adorable, but cupcakes you can bathe with? Well, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen". And instructions on how to use it. Use the pictures you want, designs, fonts, scrapbooking papers, etc. and create something unique.

For the kit to your left, I have a few jars -- all with labels -- then a big label on the front showing off the contents. (This was a donation for a breast cancer fund raising, so I went all pink with it!)

Here are a few label templates to get you started (you don't have to use these, but they're good for ideas!) And if you want more, google "free printable labels" for a huge list!

From the Soap Queen - free adorable labels (these are for specific scents, but you could use them as a template to make your own!)

How to wrap a bar of soap in this cute tutorial with lovely, easy to customize for any project labels!

You can make up your own fabric labels by printing out what you want on some iron on transfer paper! Run it through the printer according to the directions, then iron it on the fabric or ribbon of your choice. Now sew that into your purse or other item in the seam! It's awesome. (Put some fray stop on the fabric if you aren't doing hems on it!)
One tutorial for fabric labels
Another tutorial for fabric labels


The Warning Label Generator-- I love this thing! I made up Raymond's after shave lotion label with this one (Godzilla and shaving lotion -- it's a winning combination!) Use it for everything and anything!

Freak someone out with these old fashioned poison labels.

They're a little country cute, but I love the winter labels here.

Tons of free label templates at Alenka's!

Check out HP's website for label ideas. In fact, check out all the printer manufacturer's websites for printing ideas!

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