Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents - beeswax candles!

Beeswax candles are awesome, and seriously easy to make! You don't need a ton of supplies -- some wicking, an X-acto knife, a ruler, and sheets of beeswax -- to make some beautiful, burnable gifts. (You can get beeswax at Chilliwack Honey in Greendale or Michael's or Voyageur. The Michael's stuff isn't great -- they don't store it properly, so it gets hard and old and really difficult to work with, so my suggestion is shop local or visit Voyageur!)

Sushi Candles!
This is a great tutorial with pictures, and I recommend it! I prefer to use smooth sheets of beeswax for everything but the rice (white beeswax sheet), but you can use the crinkly stuff if you like. I like to make both the maki version (black on the outside) and the California-Dynamite roll types.

An alternative: Make liquorice allsorts using black for the middle and pink for the outside! Or black and yellow, or black and blue!

Packaging your sushi candle: I love the take out boxes from Daiso meant for real sushi, but you could get any kind of cute box or make your own (coming up shortly -- packaging ideas!). Roll up a little green for the wasabi, a little pink for the ginger, and add a pair of chopsticks. How cute is that?

Tapered candles using this tutorial or this tutorial.
Try connecting two small tapers together by using a long wick that will fit both ends!

Cookie cutter candles -- use stacks of beeswax to get a higher candle! Tutorials here and here! Imagine the cute cookie cutters you could use. I have a pirate ship one -- that would be awesome!

And, as always, I have supplies to share if you want to make some of these projects!

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