Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handmade Christmas presents -- bath & body products

Continuing with the idea of a wonderful handmade Christmas, may I suggest making your own bath & body products? They're cute, they're smelly, and people like to bathe (well, most of the people I know like to bathe!)

These are super easy if you follow the instructions properly. Bath bombs are made with citric acid and baking soda. When you add them to the bath, they fizz up when they touch the water. So you don't want to use water based colours or scents in these.

My recipe:
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1 to 2 tbsp oil of your choice (I like soy bean oil, but olive oil is awesome also)
about 1 tsp of fragrance oil (not water based - and do not use perfume!!!)
Mix together your baking soda and citric acid. Then add the oil, a few drops of colour, and your fragrance oil. Mix together well. You can press these into a cupcake pan lined with a cute cupcake liner for a cupcake look, or use a silicone ice cube tray. Press very well. (If you don't have a mold, try using your hands to make a ball!) Let sit over night. Package in a cute bag or box. You're done!

Here's Anne-Marie's updated blog entries for making bath bombs -- here and part two, here. Check out the day two post for an adorable packaging idea and label links!

These are even easier than bath bombs! You can use water based colourants and fragrances for this project.

My recipe for 100 grams of bath salts (enough for 2 baths):
1/4 cup epsom salts
colour (use food colouring here if you like)
2 to 3 ml fragrance oil of your choice
Put the epsom salts into a cup. Add your colour. Add your scent. Stir. Package in a cellophane bag or glass container. Label and give to your favourite person who needs a hot, relaxing bath!

Melt & pour soap is easy and fun.

You'll need...
melt & pour soap of any type
a colourant -- you can use a variety of colourants colouring works well, or you can get some colours specifically for the bath and body things and use those as well
a scent (fragrance or essential oils)
a mold (silicone ice cube trays are fun, as are chocolate molds)

Melt your melt & pour soap in a double boiler. Don't have the water temperature too high -- don't let it boil -- and let it melt slowly. You can mix it as you wait -- it feels like you're actually doing something instead of just sitting around waiting!

Add colour and scent (about 7.5 grams per 454 grams or 1 gram for every 60 grams of soap), mix together until the colour is nice, then pour into your molds.

Spray the back of the soap with rubbing alcohol -- it takes out the bubbles.

Now wait until the soaps are set. Maybe 30 minutes, maybe 2 hours -- it depends on how much you used!

Package in a cute box or cellophane bag and gift away!

Visit Anne-Marie's site for more information.
And you have to try the soap cupcakes! Too cute for words! They have some great tips & tricks for melt & pour soap making.
OH MY GOSH! You have to see Anne-Marie's birthday cake idea! (Hey, I've got a birthday coming up...hint hint! And if anyone needs "Hello Sweet Thang" or "Cream Cheese Icing" I have a little too much in my workshop!)

Hope you've enjoyed these ideas. Don't forget -- if you want to try some of these projects but need some supplies, let me know and I'm happy to share my stash of scents, colours, and molds!

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